Agents of Change

Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted that nothing is permanent except change. But in the twenty-first century, change – dynamic, technology-driven, explosive – has the power to disrupt or discover. Interrupt or innovate, bankrupt or bankroll all at lightening speeds.

In Agents of Change: Internal Auditors in an Era of Disruption, Richard F. Chambers makes a compelling case that internal auditors must embrace change and strive to create value within their organizations. Combining data from a survey of chief audit executives, as well as tapping into four decades of learning, observation and experience, Chambers lays out the necessary steps for practitioners to improve processes, mindsets and skill sets. Whether you are new to internal auditing or a seasoned professional, Chambers provides clear and convincing direction to elevate your skills and put you on the path toward becoming an Agent of Change.

The Speed of Risk

The second edition of Richard Chambers’ highly acclaimed Lessons Learned on the Audit Trail is aptly titled The Speed of Risk which has been a recurring theme in the messages he has delivered to the profession for the past decade.

He offers fresh perspectives on key developments from recent years that have critical implications for the profession. His hope is that readers will find his journey worthwhile and learn how to harness their own personal passion for the internal audit profession.

Whether you are a chief audit executive, a seasoned internal auditor, or new to the profession, the book delves into topics that should be on your radar today, including the rising expectations of internal audit’s stakeholders; the imperative to audit at the speed of risk; internal audit’s role in auditing culture, artificial intelligence, and new technologies, and the skills future trailblazers will need in internal audit.

Trusted Advisors

In Trusted Advisors: Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors, Richard F. Chambers taps an array of leading internal auditors and, from their experiences, provides insights into the traits that characterize outstanding internal auditors and those who have also truly earned a seat at the table.

Chambers details the personal, relational, and professional attributes of outstanding internal auditors, including ethical resiliency, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and many more.

Whether you are just getting started as an internal auditor or you’re a seasoned veteran, the insights gleaned from the collective experience of these experts will help propel you to the next phase of your career.