December 2012

December 21, 2012

Five Key Headlines From 2012 That Will Shape the Future of Internal Auditing

At about this time each year, I like to look back at the news events and stories that are shaping our profession. Occasionally, we have a year in which few news stories seem to be relevant to internal auditors, but this year — for better or worse — a number of headlines seem destined to affect where internal auditors are headed in the coming year. Each of these stories holds important lessons for internal auditors, so a review of a few of the most important events seems in order.

1. The Presidential Election

At first glance, the U.S. presidential election might not appear to be an internal audit news story.…

December 5, 2012

Good News: More Jobs, Better Budgets, Higher Salaries Ahead for Internal Audit

If you are looking for a job in the internal audit field, I have good news: Despite everything you may have heard about economic uncertainties and a looming “fiscal cliff,” the internal audit job market is heating up. According to our Audit Executive Center’s Pulse of the Profession survey of 545 chief audit executives and internal audit directors, about a fourth of internal audit groups expect staff levels to increase in 2013, and 71 percent expect staffing to remain steady. These are the strongest results we’ve seen in years, and I believe it’s a reflection of the value that audit committees and management are placing in having a strong, well-resourced internal audit function.…