September 2010

September 27, 2010

With the Recession Officially “Over” – How Has Internal Auditing Fared?

I am sure you were as relieved as I was to learn the recession in the Un​ited States officially ended in June 2009. If we had only known, we could have all rested so much easier for the past 15 months. I am being facetious, of course. As an old student (and teacher) of macroeconomics theory, I realize that the technical end of a recession can take a while to become obvious. However, the official declaration of the “end” of the recession presents a perfect opportunity to review exactly how extensive the impact has been on the profession in this country.…

September 8, 2010

ISACA and The IIA: Sharing Ideas, Setting Plans

Today, ISACA and The IIA saw the culmination of a meeting long in the planning. The three-hour meeting, hosted by ISACA at its International Headquarters office, was a unique opportunity for ISACA’s and T​he IIA’s senior management staff to sit around the table and talk about shared challenges and opportunities. Given the similar — but not same — nature of ISACA’s and The IIA’s professional areas, it is not surprising that the organizations have faced many of the same situations over the past several years.

The free-flowing discussion covered a wide variety of topics: IT, website, and operational issues; the strongly felt obligation to provide constituents educational events that will enable them to perform their professional roles more capably; enhanced communication with the professional community and with each other; and the firm commitment to working together for the benefit of those the associations serve — most especially the members, many of whom belong to both organizations.…